Vegetables are fun! – Kewpie Animation

Having trouble getting your kids to eat their vegetables? Try drizzling a little Kewpie on top and show them this video!

STORY: Kewpie is taking a drive in his Mayo Car through a cornfield. Look, Tommy and Caroline want to come, too! Watch out! There is a big lake in front of you! It’s OK, Larry and Brooke brought sails and paddles. Now our Mayo Car is a Mayo Ship! Here we go, back on land.

Uh oh! There is a big mountain! Oh, good! Oscar is here with his drill. He can turn the Mayo Car into a Mayo Drill so we can dig through.

Let’s drive across the mountain. We have reached the edge of a cliff! Here comes the rest of our vegetable friends with propellers and wings. Now we have a Mayo Plane we can fly through the sky past vegetable clouds!


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Since 1919, Kewpie has been inspiring home and professional chefs alike with its delicious mayonnaise and innovative dressings. Now we want to inspire your inner chef. Unleash your creativity and explore new flavors. If you ask us, everything can use a little Kewpie.

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