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Kewpie Taste Trek – Episode 7 | Bread & Butter

Today, Kewpie talks with Chef Jared Astrinos at Bread and Butter in Honolulu Hawaii. According to Astrinos, Kewpie’s light, creamy flavor makes it a popular choice in Hawaii and is why he states that, “any time we can use Kewpie, we incorporate it into our dishes.” That is clearly the case as generous amounts of Kewpie are used in the pasta, potato and macaroni salads as well as in the lobster rolls, burgers and even panacotta!

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source: Kewpie Youtube Channel

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Since 1919, Kewpie has been inspiring home and professional chefs alike with its delicious mayonnaise and innovative dressings. Now we want to inspire your inner chef. Unleash your creativity and explore new flavors. If you ask us, everything can use a little Kewpie.

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