Kewpie Taste Trek – Episode 2 | Namu Gaji

Next, our travels lead us to San Francisco’s NAMU GAJI where our taste buds are inspired by the flavors of executive chef Dennis Lee. Lee is praised by SF Weekly as “one of our fair city’s most exciting chefs.” After trying his mouthwatering contemporary creations based on Korean culinary traditions, we understand why.

Lee relies on Kewpie in his cooking saying that it is the best product for achieving a traditional Korean taste, “Definitely the flavor is very different from American mayonnaise and our customers really love Kewpie.” The unique, creamy and tangy elements of Kewpie clearly add to NAMU GAJI’s sterling reputation.

Kewpie is trekking across the United States to chat up distinguished chefs and sample delectable eats at their local hotspots. While their restaurants and cuisine are diverse, one thing they have in common is their affinity for Kewpie products. Join us as we travel from one delicious destination to the next and discover why chefs and diners alike celebrate this unique ingredient.

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Since 1919, Kewpie has been inspiring home and professional chefs alike with its delicious mayonnaise and innovative dressings. Now we want to inspire your inner chef. Unleash your creativity and explore new flavors. If you ask us, everything can use a little Kewpie.

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